What today?

Hi dear-ones,

I'm just sharing here my today's schedule. There's nothing actually too interesting, but thought it would be nice to share.

So today I was thinking to run with my baby-girl and the dog (which is visiting here in my house till Friday)  to the video renting place. It's going to be like 6-7km running.
My girls is going to go sleep at noon, and with that free time I'm going to relax and watch the Carolina Herrera show from New York Fashion Week. I hope to have some time to share my thoughts of it here with you guys, but if I'm not having that time today, I'm going to do it tomorrow.
I'm also planning to meet my friend and her child AND I need to look out where to take my car, because it needs to be fixed before I'm selling it away. I hate that car, I'm having nothing but trouble with it ARGH.
I should be also calling to child health center and some schools so maybe I'm able to find a student place for myself with so flexible schedule that I don't need to put my girl to kindergarten. I was studying myself to vocational qualification in business and administration before getting pregnant and I now want to graduate before heading to a job or starting study more.

So that's it. Oh no, I do need to make my nails again, their looking hideous!
Now heading to shower, by love-ones!

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