Carolina Herrera Collection @Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013

So, the Herrera show. 

First I do have to say, that man! how I loved the song! I needed to search it down as soon as the show ended (if you liked it too, it's called Sisters of the Moon by Le Blonde). 
I also loved the decor of the stage, very beautiful and massive. 

So what I loved in the show was first of all the belts. I mean how beautiful they are! Also the minty color was pretty successful alone, but also mixed with grey. 
I fly a flag for simplicity and with this collection there really was clear cuts, graphically lines and like nothing too much or too little. Absolutely gorgeous, I have to say that Herrera really nailed it this time! 

Here some of my own favorites from the show:

BELTBELTBELT! Isn't amazing? 

Puffsleeves I loved also. I've been into these sleeves like ages and I think it is amazing that their coming back now. 
Love the luxury fabric in this pic:

Here's a pic of a big WOW dress, that red (or orange? It looked like red in the show, but in this pic it's more like orange) eye-catching fabric with just one shoulder trap is so gorgeous! Love how bold that looks like, like the dress was challenging everything around it. 

This orange dress here next I loved also. So girly and chic with nothing too much, I could definitely wear it! Those stripes I'm not sure of, but the belt will save the dress!

This grey dress with yellow details and tailoring is one of my favorites of all time and I really think I'm going to need this in my wardrobe. It's really me. 

And OMG the jacket here with the gold tailoring and details and puffsleeves and AH! I would definitely use it anytime! 

And at last but not a least Carolina Herrera. 

 [Pics from here!]

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